Auto-Stash Try-Fecta Promotion Terms and Conditions

Effective April 22, 2019


Receive a one month fee waiver for your Stash Invest Account when you turn on one or more of the Auto-Stash tools (Set Schedule, Round-Ups, or Smart-Stash) by April 29, 2019 and meet the Eligibility requirements described below. This Promotion is valid between April 22, 2019 and May 29, 2019 (the “Promotion Period”), and is subject to the terms and conditions stated herein (the “Promotion Terms”).


To participate in this Promotion you must have a Stash Invest Account and must (i) turn on one or more of the Auto-Stash tools (Set Schedule, Round-Ups, or Smart-Stash) by April 29, 2019; (ii) keep it turned on until May 29, 2019, and (iii) initiate at least one Auto-Stash transfer during the Promotion Period. If you successfully meet these eligibility requirements, we will waive the Stash Fee for your Stash Invest Account for the month of July 2019. Use of Auto-Stash is subject to the Auto-Stash Features Terms & Conditions. A Stash Invest Account is an individual brokerage account advised by Stash Investments LLC. Tax-advantaged accounts (including Stash Retire and Stash Custodial accounts) are not eligible for this Promotion.


Stash Investments LLC is an SEC registered investment adviser.  You may view our Wrap Fee Brochure and our Advisory Agreements at  You remain responsible for ancillary fees that are not included in the monthly Stash Fee. A list of such ancillary fees is included in our Advisory Agreement.  Stash is not responsible for any failure on your part to meet standards for qualifying for this Promotion. Stash reserves the right to amend or cancel this Promotion at any time.  Stash may recover any fees owed if Stash determines that inaccurate or incomplete information was provided when opening your account, or that any terms of our Advisory Agreement or these Promotion Terms have been violated. Promotion available to U.S residents only. This Promotion is not valid with any other promotions and is non-transferrable.