Save and invest, automatically.

Set schedule: Move money on a repeating schedule. 

Round-ups: Save and invest your spare change. 

Smart-Stash: Use smart analytics to save for you. 


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You Can Double Your Savings With These Three Tools

Stash customers that kept Auto-Stash turned on for a year saved twice as much on average as Stashers who didn’t.

Super Charge Your Savings Once and For All

Imagine you had collected all of your loose change over the years from all your daily purchases—all of the sodas, coffees, meals out—you name it. You’d likely have a good amount of money saved up. Well, that’s the idea behind Round-Ups.

How Automation Can Help You Save Money

We all have the best intentions when it comes to putting money aside for our various goals. We promise ourselves we’re going to put money aside every week, but then we don’t. Automation is one way to change a nagging chore into a seamless habit.

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Start investing with as little as $5 with our flexible investing and retirement accounts.

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Get a no-hidden-fees1 bank account2 and the debit card that earns stock when you spend3.

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