Fast Company Most Innovative Companies 2020 | Additional Disclosures 

13This percentage calculation is based on the increase in total transaction amounts via SmartStash, Roundups and Set-Schedule for all Stash clients as of February 2020- July 2020.  This calculation includes transfers completed through Set-Schedule for taxable brokerage accounts and IRAs. This calculation does not take withdrawals into consideration. Stash does not offer an interest-bearing savings account.

15Full-time Stasher is defined as a Stash user with at least one investment account and a banking account with Stash and has received a direct deposit to their banking account in the last 30 days (as of March 16, 2020). Full-time Stashers saved approximately $340 per month on average during this time. This is calculated through a lookback at all money put into all of the accounts listed above subtracted by the amount of money taken out of these accounts. The average American saves an average of $96 per month. This is calculated by multiplying the personal saving rate and percentage of disposable income, and then dividing by the number of months in a year. See here for more information. Stash does not offer an interest bearing savings account.