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  • Deposit at least $250 into your personal brokerage or Smart Portfolio account

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Achieve your money goals in 2024

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Here’s how it works:

Click the link below to open your first Stash account.

Deposit at least $250 into your personal brokerage or Smart Portfolio account.

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We’re on a mission to help you grow your wealth. Here’s a guide to get started.

Complete your Quick-Start Scorecard full of healthy financial habits to start building your money today.

Attend frequent webinars led by Stash and industry experts on the topics you care about, including how to make money like a millionaire.

Earn up to 3% stock back with our innovative Stock-Back® Debit Card—get bonus stock every time you use your card.1

Put your money to work in a low-risk investment like TFLO—you could earn 5% annually, with payouts every month.*

Expand your portfolio with weekly Stock Parties, a digital party we invented where you earn stock just for stopping by.

Review the Stash 100, 100 bite-size tips to get you money ready.

Easily invest in stocks and ETFs, which is the simplest way to buy a group of diversified stocks with one purchase. Plus, Stash never adds commission fees.

Frequently asked questions

What is Stash? chevron

Stash is a personal finance app that can help anyone improve their financial life.

From budgeting to saving for retirement, Stash features banking, investing, and advice all in one app. We’ve helped millions of Americans reach their financial goals–all for one low monthly price.

How much does Stash cost? chevron

We offer two affordable monthly plans, Stash Growth and Stash+.

Stash Growth costs $3/month. Ideal for first-time investors, this plan includes a personal investment account, the Stock-Back® Card, and saving tools. You’ll also get personalized advice geared toward your goals, along with a Roth or Traditional retirement account (IRA),4 an automated investing account (Smart Portfolio), and $1,000 of life insurance coverage through Avibra.

Stash+ costs $9/month. It’s a great choice for savvy wealth builders and debit card spenders. It includes a personal investment account, and a Stock-Back® Card that earns double stock,1 Stash+ also gives you access to investment accounts for kids5, a Roth IRA or Traditional IRA retirement account, and an automated investing account (Smart Portfolio). That’s in addition to personalized advice, an exclusive monthly market insights report, savings tools, and $10,000 of life insurance coverage through Avibra.

What is Stash’s mission? chevron

Stash is on a mission to empower regular Americans to build wealth. We believe every financial decision can be an investment in your future—that’s why our tools and products are designed to help people achieve greater financial freedom.

Unlike a lot of other financial companies, we’re here to help build healthy financial habits, hit money goals, and remove long-standing barriers to building wealth.

By giving Stashers access to simple, affordable investing and unlimited financial education, we remove what we consider to be the two biggest barriers stopping everyday Americans from building wealth: inaccessibility and lack of financial literacy.

In their place, we’ve created a clear path to better financial futures for all Americans.