The original problem that Stash was built to solve was that investing is intimidating, and it’s hard to know where to start. With our invest products, we already offered a way to invest in fractional shares and provided education and advice to demystify the stock market. What if we could remove even more of that mental friction and automatically build your portfolio based on the places that you like to shop?

The idea for Stock-Back rewards came together quickly just before our official launch of the Stash Banking product. The fact that the product shipped before launch was a minor miracle and a testament to the dedication and agility of our entire organization.

How do Stock-Back rewards work?

When you spend at companies with stock listed on our platform, like Walmart, Amazon, and Starbucks, you’ll earn Stock-Back rewards in those companies’ stock. When you spendanywhere else, like your local car wash, we’ll reward you with a piece of a diversified fund of your choice.

Evolution & Challenges

Our Stock-Back program has changed a lot since its inception.  We’ve added the ability to customize where you earn when there isn’t a match. We’ve added thousands of new stocks, and we’re constantly improving the algorithm that maps merchants to stocks. We introduced tons of new promotions and the Stock-Back wheel as a fun way to boost your rewards.

The future for Stock-Back rewards

We’re already looking towards 100 million and we have a lot more planned for Stock-Back!  In the next year, you’ll start to see more ways to earn, better insights into your Stock-Back portfolio, more customization, and ways to let you manually top off your rewards.


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