January 20, 2022 — Stash today announced the launch of its first-ever crypto offering, designed to give customers a simple and easy way to own digital currencies as part of a fully managed account called Smart Portfolio.

“Millions of everyday Americans want to invest in crypto, but they have no idea where to start. We built Stash to make it easy, affordable, and accessible for them to build wealth, and integrating crypto into Smart Portfolio is the perfect way to get started for the long term,” said Stash’s CEO and co-founder, Brandon Krieg. “Smart Portfolio is our fastest growing product to date with nearly 400K accounts opened in the past 10 months1 and 60% of those customers make regular, automated investments2, which is central to the ‘Stash Way’.”

Stash’s research revealed that most of its customers wanted the ability to invest in crypto, but many believed they lacked sufficient knowledge to invest on their own. Stash’s affordable subscription platform enables millions of Americans to start investing with personalized advice, guidance and education. To date, 6 million customers have opened accounts and the company experienced record growth over the past 12 months.

“Our customers place a high degree of trust in Stash and Smart Portfolio takes the guesswork out of investing. Customers add any amount they can afford to their accounts, from as little as $1 at a time, and we invest on their behalf to help them build a diversified portfolio, based on their risk profile. The exciting news is their portfolios can now include a degree of exposure to crypto, with educational tools to help them learn and grow as investors,” Krieg added.

Smart Portfolio, Stash’s fully managed account, will introduce Bitcoin and Ethereum exposure via handpicked trusts managed by Grayscale. Stash’s customers can now invest in the world’s largest Bitcoin fund, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, and Grayscale Ethereum Trust, giving access and exposure to emerging asset classes via trusted investment vehicles. Smart Portfolio is included in Stash’s Growth and Stash+ subscription plans, starting at $3/month, and customers do not pay any incremental fees or add-on commissions as their assets grow in value.

About Stash

Stash is an investing, banking and education platform with 6 million customers and assets worth $3B under management. Regular, long-term investing is the foundation of the Stash platform—in direct response to the fact that only 56% of Americans invest in stocks, 70% of households don’t have a long-term financial plan, and 68% are afraid to retire3. Forty-nine percent of Stash’s new customers are women4, higher than industry benchmarks. 

About Smart Portfolio

Smart Portfolio is a diversified, global and fully-managed investment portfolio, personalized for each customer’s risk profile. Stash’s subscribers can open a Smart Portfolio for as little as $3/month and subscription plan fees do not increase as assets grow, thereby giving customers a consistent, cost-effective way to build wealth over time. Smart Portfolio is Stash’s fastest-growing product to date: nearly half a million people have opened a Smart Portfolio account, and nearly 60% of funded account-holders regularly contribute using Auto-Stash. 

A “Smart Portfolio” is a Discretionary Managed account whereby Stash has full authority to manage. Diversification and asset allocation do not guarantee a profit, nor do they eliminate the risk of loss of principal. Stash does not guarantee any level of performance or that any client will avoid losses in the client’s account.

Crypto is relatively new and can be volatile. Investments are UITs and offer indirect exposure to Crypto.

1This data is based on users’ with complete Smart Portfolio accounts as of January 5, 2022.

2 This data is based on funded Smart Portfolio accounts with Set Schedule on, as of January 5, 2022.

3Source: Nasdaq.com, 2020

4This value is defined as the percentage of new users that self identified as women totaling 49.66% for which the account opening process was completed between 08/2021 and 09/2021.

This information is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as Investment, Tax or Legal advice. 

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