Today, Stash announces that we are partnering in the ground-breaking Investor Identity Research Project, spearheaded by the nonprofit Commonwealth and supported by the Nasdaq Foundation. 

The goal of the project is to understand the product innovations that empower underserved new investors, particularly investors who are Black, Latinx, and women, to invest. The findings from this work will help fintechs and financial services firms engage new investors in the capital market, creating a new pathway to building wealth. At Stash, 95% of our customers are beginner investors, making us an extremely compelling partner for the research. To date, Stash customers have set aside nearly $3B thanks to regular, automatic deposits of $33 on average1

“Stash is an ideal partner for this project, and we are particularly excited about their focus on first-time investors,” said Commonwealth Senior Vice President Paula Grieco. “Their dedication to developing a more inclusive product affirms the notion that capital markets investing has tremendous potential for advancing the financial security and opportunity for all people living in the U.S., including those currently underserved by the investing ecosystem.”

Stash is focused on giving all individuals the confidence to invest, even if it’s just a few dollars at a time. This research partnership is just one way we empower millions to see money as a source of hope and opportunity.

To learn more about the study and Stash’s participation, please click here

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