Stash is proud to commit to further diversifying our employee base by joining Next Chapter alongside leading companies including Dropbox, Square, Zoom, and PayPal. 

Next Chapter, which was founded at Slack in partnership with The Last Mile, W.K. Kellogg Foundation and FREEAMERICA, helps formerly incarcerated individuals find opportunities for high-paying jobs with companies that may have previously felt out of reach. 

“At Stash, we are building a diverse company and inclusive culture that’s reflective of the everyday Americans we serve,” says Lynne Oldham, Stash’s chief people officer. “This program will allow Stash to welcome strong engineers with unique perspectives that also match our customers’ needs, as we build our long-term investing and banking solution geared towards the 99%.”

Click here for more details on the expansion of the program and our participation within it.

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