As we at Stash begin to wrap-up our most momentous year to date, announcing our unicorn status and now counting more than 6 million customers, we’re revealing our latest omnichannel creative campaign, “Great Things Take Time.” The campaign brings to life our founding vision that financial freedom is not achieved overnight, but with regular investments over the long term. 

Overseen by Chidi Achara, our chief creative officer, the campaign can now be seen across TV, streaming, digital, social, and out-of-home. In stark contrast to the rise of risky day-trading, our new Stash creative celebrates the power of investing in yourself—not for fleeting outcomes, but to achieve lifelong dreams.

Click here to watch one of our new TV spots from the campaign.

Much of the campaign was shot in-studio in NYC in stark black-and-white by renowned NY-based, British photographer Michael Sanders, who brought his uniquely soulful portraiture to the films, which feature a range of Americans from all walks of life expressing their goals and long-term desires. Additional photos and video were captured by Sinna Nasseri, a photographer known for his reportage covering grassroots U.S. politics. For this campaign, Sinna’s work spotlights inspiring, everyday Americans, from small business owners to artists and first-time investors. Many of the individuals featured are women, like nearly half of new subscribers to Stash in the past year (a much higher percentage than what’s being reported by other fintech platforms).

We’re also proud to say that “Great Things Take Time” represents a new departure for Stash. In light of the SEC’s adoption of the Modernized Marketing Rule for registered investment advisors, the Stash creative features, for the first time, people who have used the platform to get started on their journey towards building wealth. They appear alongside everyday people, of varying ages, who aspire to greater financial control over their lives.

“The facts around wealth inequality in America are shocking – a majority live paycheck to paycheck; 44% own no stock; and 40% fear retirement. Stash is making a tremendous impact in the lives of everyday Americans by empowering them to start investing, often for the first time with small amounts they can afford,” said Chidi Achara, Stash’s Chief Creative Officer. “Our campaign inspires a sense of hope that we can all build towards a better future.”

Stash’s mission is to empower the 99%, giving everyday Americans the tools they need to achieve their financial dreams. Unlike other fintech platforms, our tools are purpose-built for financial literacy and education—redefining how Americans build wealth and think about money.

We’re a fiduciary and registered investment advisor, and as such, our tools and services must serve in our customers’ best interests. Today, Stash customers are 15% more financially literate than the average American1 and grow their financial literacy over time. The average automated deposit into a Stash account is just $31,2 which has helped Stash subscribers set aside more than $3 billion to date.3

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This content is for informational purposes only. Investment advisory services offered by Stash Investments LLC, an SEC registered investment adviser.

Investment advisory services offered by Stash Investments LLC, an SEC registered investment adviser. Investing involves risk and investments may lose value.

This is not an endorsement or a statement of satisfaction by any Stash client.

1 Based on two surveys conducted online within the United States by Stash using SurveyMonkey technology in April 2021. The surveys were completed by 1,174 non-Stashers and 1,016 Stash customers. “Financial literacy” is determined and defined by the percent of correct answers to a series of financial questions by respondents, on average. Users were grouped into buckets by the number of months using Stash, then the average scores were calculated for each group, and the 12-month moving average was plotted to show the clear trend between tenure and score.

2 Calculation takes the total sum of completed transfers via Set-Schedule for all Stash clients as of January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020. This calculation includes transfers completed through Set-Schedule for taxable brokerage accounts, custodial accounts, and IRAs. This calculation does not take withdrawals into consideration.

3 Total AUM calculated as of June 2021, across all brokerage accounts including IRAs. Value defined as complete incoming transfers from external funding sources to Stash across all brokerage accounts. “Set Aside” is defined as complete incoming transfers from external funding sources to Stash across all brokerage accounts. This statistic does not take withdrawal into consideration.

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