New York — June 29, 2021 — Portland, Oregon summer school students, get ready to learn new money skills. Stash101TM, the free education technology tool from industry-leading financial tech company Stash; the Suh Family Foundation, a non-profit founded by Super Bowl champion Ndamukong Suh and his wife Katya; and Big Yard Foundation, a non-profit founded by NFL star Brennan Scarlett, today announced the launch of Stash101 Summer School—a first-of-its-kind program teaching financial literacy to 160 lucky students in Portland, Oregon. 

In partnership with Portland Public Schools, Stash101’s financial literacy curriculum will introduce students to important money management concepts as part of the Portland Interscholastic League Trajectory Math Program. Students will also learn real-life lessons about investing from two hometown NFL stars. The weekly financial education course—which includes a simulated economy experience (renting desks; earning salaries; saving versus credit)—aims to expand students’ understanding of wealth-building as they learn healthy financial habits to last a lifetime.

The partnership is built on the belief that Americans exposed to financial education at a young age are better equipped to handle real-world challenges and are more motivated to save regularly over time. Today, Stash subscribers are 15% more likely to pass a money skills exam than the average American, and many of the recommendations geared towards adults are now being transformed into helpful lessons for kids. That makes Stash101 a natural fit for The Suh Family Foundation and Big Yard Foundation.

All three organizations are dedicated to empowering America’s youth, giving them educational tools and resources that will change their financial futures forever. 

  • Stash, the subscription platform helping everyday Americans build wealth, raised $125M earlier this year and counts more than 6 million customers. In addition to investing, banking, advice and education, Stash recently introduced Stash101, a free and immersive education technology platform for families and more than 60,000 students. Stash now uniquely integrates a simulated education experience that will be used in both home and school.
  • The Suh Family Foundation was founded to empower individuals on their journeys towards success. Ndamukong Suh’s mother was a teacher, instilling in him a passion for education that carries over to his wife, Katya, and their family. One of the fundamental pillars of the Foundation is education, leading to life-changing scholarships and facilities for students, including a donation to the University of Nebraska, which annually supports an aspiring engineer at the UNL College of Engineering. 
  • Scarlett’s Big Yard Foundation works to empower underserved communities through the vehicles of literacy, creativity, and wellness. Programs from Big Yard such as book fairs, Big Yard Book Worms in partnership with Amira Learning, Celebration of Black Lives, and the Big Yard Dodgeball Tournament work to support these pillars annually.

“At Stash, we help millions of Americans invest in themselves. From investing and banking to education and retirement planning, we believe everyone has the power to achieve greater financial freedom—one step at a time. We’re thrilled to deepen our commitment to childhood education through Stash101 and this special summer school program in Portland with the Suhs and Big Yard,” says CEO and co-founder Brandon Krieg. “It’s going to be a tremendous four weeks for the kids.”

“The Suh Family Foundation is dedicated to helping individuals and communities thrive and succeed,” says Ndamukong and Katya Suh, co-founders of the Suh Family Foundation. “We believe a strong foundation in financial literacy is a key element of success, which is why we’re so excited to partner with Stash101 and Big Yard Foundation in bringing Stash101 Summer School to middle school students — it’s never too early to start learning about budgeting, saving, and investing.”   

“The Big Yard Foundation was created to empower and elevate historically underserved black and brown communities,” said Brennan Scarlett, founder of the Big Yard Foundation. “We believe that literacy and access create better financial outcomes for our communities. Our partnership with Stash101 and the Suh Family Foundation is perfectly aligned with our vision of a more equitable society for the next generation.”

Stash101 Summer School will be held at two schools within the Portland Public School system from July 6 – 27, 2021 via the Portland Interscholastic League (PIL) Trajectory Math program. PIL Trajectory Math program is an annual summer school program that provides additional tools and resources to historically underserved students, helping to create an environment where all can flourish. 

About Stash:
Stash is the industry-leading subscription platform empowering middle-class Americans to invest and build wealth. Stash’s plans—starting at just $1 a month1—provide easy and affordable access to a suite of products including investing, banking2, education, and advice. Stash is one of the fastest-growing financial technology companies in the U.S. with more than 6 million customers.3

About Suh Family Foundation:
Founded by Ndamukong and Katya Suh, the Suh Family Foundation works hand-in-hand with communities to supply resources across three pillars that were pivotal to the Suh’s own success: education, health and wellness, and empowerment. The Foundation is a family-run and operated non-profit organization. For more information on the Foundation and opportunities to get involved, please visit

About Big Yard: 
Founded by Brennan Scarlett and his family, Big Yard’s mission is to support community empowerment, lessen neighborhood tensions, and combat community deterioration through initiatives of education, creativity, and wellness development. These initiatives include improving literacy and access to literature, encouraging creativity, providing access to the arts, promoting physical wellness, and formulating strategies that contribute to the empowerment of communities. Big Yard Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. To learn more about Big Yard and ways to get involved, please visit

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1Stash offers three plans, starting at just $1/month. For more information on each plan, visit our pricing page.

2 Bank Account Services provided by Green Dot Bank, Member FDIC.

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