NEW YORK, NY. – February 16, 2022 – Stash, the pioneering fintech company empowering everyday Americans to invest in themselves and build wealth, is offering 20 students from the leading national workforce development non-profit, Year Up, training and $1,000 over the course of a year to learn the basics of investing. This first-of-its-kind program from Stash gives the students immediate hands-on investing experience and will allow them to be better prepared for their financial journeys as they enter the next phase of their professional careers.

The pilot, which kicks off today, builds on Stash’s foundation of financial guidance for millions of Americans. Funded by Goodwater Collective, each of the Year Up students will be awarded a one-year subscription to Stash via additional $3 deposits, in addition to custom financial literacy workshops and monthly monetary support that will allow them to make initial investments. Participants will have the opportunity to grow their core money skills, gain confidence around their finances and investing, and as Stash Growth tier subscribers, be able to invest in Smart Portfolio, a newly-upgraded, set-it-and-forget-it managed account that now has crypto exposure.

“Stash is committed to ensuring every American has a strong foundation in financial literacy. We empower individuals to invest in themselves, and believe that all young adults need support and guidance to be able to achieve their dreams,” said Brandon Krieg, CEO of Stash. “We’re proud to create this opportunity with  Year Up in South Florida to address the needs of local young adults through our app, which is designed for long-term investing, and monetary support thanks to Goodwater Collective.” 

“We believe that consumer technology is the most powerful force on earth, shaping culture and transforming the global economy at unprecedented speed and scale,” said Chi-Hua Chien, cofounder of Goodwater Capital. “The Goodwater Collective is privileged to partner with Stash to bring financial literacy to young adults in South Florida with the Year Up program.”

Today’s workshop, which will be held virtually, will include a special video from Miami’s Mayor, Francis X. Suarez, as well as a seminar led by Stash’s Director of Financial Advice, Lauren Anastasio. The seminar will share insights on financial goals, budgeting, managing debt, and saving and investing for the future. Mayor Suarez’s video will highlight the support these students will have when they enter the workforce full time, why financial literacy is so important to bridging the wealth divide, and how this administration has pivoted the city to be at the center of the crypto conversation. 


About Stash: Stash is the industry-leading subscription platform empowering middle-class Americans to invest and build wealth. Stash’s plans—starting at just $1 a month—provide easy and affordable access to a suite of products including investing, banking, education, and advice. Stash is one of the fastest-growing financial technology companies in the U.S. with more than 6 million customers. In addition to its financial platform, Stash offers Stash101, an online immersive banking and investing simulation where students and children can learn critical financial literacy skills; it’s currently in use across thousands of classrooms throughout the U.S.  

About The Goodwater Collective: The Goodwater Collective provides grant funding to consumer tech startup companies, enabling them to deliver their products at highly discounted prices (or for free) to communities in need. Designed and funded by Goodwater Capital, The Collective improves access to scalable, high quality services for underserved communities. 

About Year Up: Year Up is a national 501(c)3 workforce development organization committed to ensuring equitable access to economic opportunity, education, and justice for all young adults—no matter their background, income, or zip code. Year Up is offered at no cost to participants, and utilizes a high expectations, high support model where students learn in-demand technical and professional skills and apply them during a corporate internship. Year Up has served more than 36,000 young adults across 19 geographies since its founding in 2000 and has been voted one of the “Best Non-Profits to Work For” by The NonProfit Times. Nationwide, 90 percent of Year Up graduates are employed or attending college within four months of completing the program, with average starting salaries of $44,000/year. 

Goodwater Capital is a minority investor in Stash.
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