Stash101TM Fantasy Referral Program Terms and Conditions

Effective as of July 18, 2022 (the “Effective Date”)

This Stash101 Fantasy Referral Program (the “Program”) is a promotional referral program offered by Stash101 LLC (“Stash101”) where current participants in the Stash101 Fantasy Investing game (“Stash101 Fantasy”) may be rewarded for referring their friends to participate in Stash101 Fantasy. The Program is subject to the terms and conditions stated herein (the “Program Terms”) as well as the specific terms that correspond with the invitation and referral link you use to invite your friends to participate in Stash101 Fantasy. To qualify for the cash bonuses described below, your referee friend must complete the process of creating a Qualifying New Stash101 Fantasy Account (as defined below) in accordance with these Program Terms. By choosing to participate in the Program, you are accepting and agreeing to these Program Terms. These Program Terms form an agreement between you and Stash with respect to the Program. You should read these Program Terms carefully.


To be eligible to participate in this Program and receive cash bonuses, you must satisfy the following requirements: 

(i) you must have a Stash101 Fantasy account that is in good standing, as governed by the Stash101 Fantasy Terms and Conditions (a “Stash101 Fantasy Account”), 

(ii) you must send designated referral invitations to your referee friends in accordance with these Program Terms, and 

(iii) at least five (5) of your referee friends must complete the designated registration process for creating a Qualifying New Stash101 Fantasy Account by interacting with the link included in your referral invitation.

To constitute a “Qualifying New Stash101 Fantasy Account” hereunder, your referee friend must (i) download the FREE Stash101 Fantasy mobile application on either iOS or Android by using the special designated referral link included in your invitation, (ii) complete the designated registration process for opening a Stash101 Fantasy Account, (iii) verify their account by using a one-time automated account authentication text message from Stash101 at the phone number provided during the registration process of opening their Stash101 Fantasy Account, and (iv) draft their first team on the Stash101 Fantasy mobile application. See the full Stash Fantasy Terms and Conditions referenced above, which you agreed to when you joined that program, for important disclosures about that program. The Stash Fantasy Terms and Conditions are incorporated herein by reference with the same force and effect as though fully set forth herein.

Stash reserves the right to determine in its sole discretion whether a Stash101 Fantasy Account is closed and/or in good standing. An account in good standing for purposes of this Program is an account for which all required account opening documentation/information has been completed and verified, and is not locked, or restricted, or otherwise flagged in any way. If your Stash101 Fantasy Account is closed or not in good standing for any reason at any time, any cash rewards awarded hereunder will be forfeited.

Cash Bonuses

Subject to these Program Terms, when the number of your referee friends open a Qualifying New Stash101 Fantasy Account as described below, Stash101 will compensate you in the form of  one (1) TangoCard redeemable at, which are subject to terms and conditions of the issuer associated therewith. Your TangoCard must be redeemed on within one (1) year of issuance or any unused portion of the TangoCard will be forfeited and you will not receive any additional compensation for any unused portion of your TangoCard (as described below). When you’ve earned a TangoCard hereunder, you will receive a unique offer message directly from Stash101 that will specify the exact amount of your reward and direct you to to redeem your reward. The maximum amount of compensation that you may be rewarded under this Program, in the aggregate, is one hundred twenty dollars ($120). which shall be calculated by Stash in its sole discretion. 

Amount of Cash Bonuses

If the following number of your referee friends open a Qualifying New Stash101 Fantasy Account, then Stash101 will compensate you as follows:

  • If five (5) of your referee friends open a Qualifying New Stash101 Fantasy Account, you will receive a TangoCard in the amount of five dollars (USD $5.00) from Stash101;
  • If ten (10) of your referee friends open a Qualifying New Stash101 Fantasy Account, you will receive a TangoCard in the amount of ten dollars (USD $10.00) from Stash101; and
  • If fifty (50) of your referee friends open a Qualifying New Stash101 Fantasy Account, you will receive a TangoCard in the amount of one hundred dollars (USD $100.00).

The actual amount of each cash bonus will vary within the thresholds noted above and will be specified in an offer message from Stash101 to you once the requisite amount(s) of your referee friends open a Qualifying New Stash101 Fantasy Account. Any cash reward awarded by Stash101 hereunder is a fixed cash value. The value of any cash bonus awarded hereunder may be taxable income to you. You are responsible for any federal or state taxes resulting from receipt of a cash bonus. Please consult your tax advisor if you have questions about the tax treatment of a cash bonus. 

Referral Invitations 

By participating in the Program, you agree to only send referral invitations to interested people you know personally, such as friends, family and known acquaintances (“friends”), by utilizing the referral link and sharing tools provided by Stash101. You may send one invite in your name to each friend you invite, and you may not share referrals with yourself. By choosing to participate in this Program, you expressly acknowledge and accept that the friends you refer will be able to tell that you sent them an invitation to participate in this Program and that you have a Stash101 Fantasy Account. You also agree not to make any statements that are untruthful, factually inaccurate, or misleading about Stash101 or Stash101 Fantasy. You hereby acknowledge that any modification or efforts to bypass, manipulate, obscure or otherwise modify the delivery and accurate presentation of the referral link, sharing tools, content, disclosures or other materials and instructions we provide will be considered a violation of these Program Terms and may render you ineligible to participate in the Program. 

You agree not to publish or distribute your referral link in locations where the audience is likely to include individuals you do not know or who may not be interested in Stash101, such as third party websites or platforms, including social media platforms. Stash101 reserves the right to refuse to offer or pay any cash bonuses to you if it determines that you have failed to comply with the preceding sentence.

To the extent you decide to share your referral link using a third party’s service, such as a messaging application, you must also comply with that third party’s terms of use. You should also be aware that by engaging in such activity via a third party service you will be at your own risk subjecting yourself to that third party’s privacy, security and consumer practices and policies, which Stash101 does not endorse or control and that those third party services may be able to tell, based on your activity, that you are a Stash101 user.

In referring friends in accordance with these Program Terms you are acting on behalf of Stash101 and under the supervision and control of Stash101 and hereby agree to perform duties under these Program Terms in a manner consistent with the instructions of Stash101. You agree to limit the information you provide in connection with the referral to the referral web page and content provided by Stash101. You agree that your participation in the Program will conform to these Program Terms.

Changes To These Program Terms

Stash101 may modify these Program Terms from time to time, which will be indicated by changing the “Effective Date” at the top of this page. If we make any material changes, we will notify you by email (sent to the email address specified in your Stash101 Fantasy Account), by means of a notice on the Stash101 Fantasy mobile application prior to the change becoming effective, or as otherwise required by law. Notwithstanding anything herein, we do not have to provide you with prior notice of any amendments to the Program that are beneficial to you. Your continued access to or use of the Program after we make any changes to these Program Terms will be subject to the revised Program Terms, and you will be deemed to be aware of and bound by your continued access to or participation in the Program. If you do not accept any such revisions or changes, your sole and exclusive remedy is to cease participation in the Program. The Program may be canceled at any time without notice to you. 

Other Program Information

The term “Stash101” refers to Stash101 LLC. Stash101 is not responsible for incorrect entry or other failure on the part of your referee friends to meet the standards of a Qualifying New Stash101 Fantasy Account You cannot earn cash bonuses for referring individuals who already have a Stash101 Fantasy Account or for individuals who have been referred by someone else. If two or more individuals invite the same referee friend to open a Qualifying New Stash101 Fantasy Account, Stash101 will credit the cash bonus to the person whose special designated referral link was first used by that referee friend to open their Qualifying New Stash101 Fantasy Account. 

This Program is not valid with any other offers and is non-transferrable. Program available to U.S. residents only. If you violate these Program Terms in any way, Stash101 reserves the right in its sole discretion to remove you from the Program or deny any cash bonuses hereunder. The Program is void where prohibited by law. Other restrictions may apply.

Stash101 reserves the right to limit the amount of cash bonuses you are eligible to receive, and to refuse or recover any cash bonuses, if Stash101 determines that it was obtained under wrongful or fraudulent circumstances, or was awarded to you in error, or that inaccurate or incomplete information was provided in opening a Stash101 Fantasy Account, or that any terms of these Program Terms have been violated. Stash reserves the right to suspend, cancel, terminate or modify this Program and/or these Program Terms at any time at its sole discretion.

If, for any reason, this Program is not capable of running as planned, whether due to infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any other causes beyond the control of Stash101 which corrupts or affects the administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper conduct of this Program, Stash101 reserves the right in its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual who tampers with this Program, and to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this Program. In the event of termination, Stash101 may in its sole discretion award cash bonuses to those who have satisfied the eligibility criteria set forth herein up until the time of termination. Stash101 assumes no responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to, or alteration of, this Program. Stash101 is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer online systems, servers, or providers, computer equipment, software, failure of any e-mail or entry to be received by Stash101 on account of technical problems, human error or traffic congestion on the Internet or at any web site, or any combination thereof, including any injury or damage to any person’s computer related to or resulting from participation in this Program.

The Stash101 Fantasy Game is offered solely for informational and educational purposes and is provided free of charge. While Stash101 is affiliated with Stash Investments LLC (“Stash RIA”), an SEC-registered investment adviser, Stash101 is not an investment adviser and is separate and apart from Stash RIA. Nothing contained herein is intended to be, nor shall it be construed as, investment advice, nor is it to be relied upon in making any investment or other decision. Stash101 does not provide any investment advice nor does it engage in actual trading of securities. Prior to making any investment decision you are advised to consult with your broker, investment adviser, or other appropriate tax or financial professional to determine the suitability of any such investment. This Program is not sponsored or endorsed by Stash RIA, and Stash RIA has no responsibility associated with this Program. Investment advice is only provided to Stash RIA customers for a fee. This Program is entirely independent from Stash RIA’s referral program, which is operated solely by Stash RIA.